James Elden's Playwright's Spotlight

Opening Up the Text, Playfulness in Language, and "Saving As." - Playwright's Spotlight with Tira Palmquist

April 02, 2024 James Elden/Tira Palmquist Season 3 Episode 10
James Elden's Playwright's Spotlight
Opening Up the Text, Playfulness in Language, and "Saving As." - Playwright's Spotlight with Tira Palmquist
Show Notes

Playwright Tira Palmquist sat in the Playwright's Spotlight while rehearsing her latest play The Body's Midnight. We had a wonderful conversation discussing the benefits of table work, entering the flow state and making discoveries later in the process, the role of the playwright in rehearsals, cutting characters, time between drafts, and the tool of "saving as." We also touch on the different development processes, rookie mistakes, teaching subtext and fixing your flaws, finding your voice, poetry in playwriting as well as her take on "pay to play" and finding opportunities. It was another interview full of insight that I hope can help take your playwriting to the next level. Enjoy!

TIRA PALMQUIST is a dramaturg, director and playwright known for plays that merge the personal, the political and the poetic. Her play, The Way North was developed at the 2018 Seven Devils Playwrights Conference and was a finalist for the 2018 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. Other plays include: Two Degrees, Ten Mile Lake, Age of Bees, and This Floating World. She teaches creative writing at the Orange County School of the Arts, and has also taught at Wesleyan University and the University of California-Irvine. She’s back in town for a short spell for rehearsals of her play The Body’s Midnight which opens April 27th at the Boston Court Theater in Pasadena, CA.

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